Whether you’re looking for more non-interest income or ways to reduce risk and improve your competitive posture in the market, partnering with First Payment Services offers you all the above and then some.

FPS will help you tailor a merchant program specific for your customers, with solutions for their retail, e-commerce, and mail order needs. We offer processing for all major payment types available, from major credit cards to debit, phone, Internet, fuel, and gift card solutions.

Because of our national footprint, we have been able to obtain pricing from the largest processors in the nation and bring our bank partners pricing they could not obtain directly. We work tirelessly to get your merchants the best pricing rates possible. We’ve done the hard work so that your customers can enjoy the savings.

We also offer your customers incentives such as free iPads and EMV readers. We go out of our way to provide value added services to keep your institution top of mind and create further market differentiation.

FPS is also unique in that we do not require long-term contracts. We believe when you have market leading pricing and award winning customer service. Customers simply stay.


Providing Identity Theft Protection to your customers:

• Increases your customer base

• Aids in customer retention

• Adds a competitive difference in your marketplace

• Protects your customers

• Increases non-interest income

• Helps your institution become Red Flag compliant

Please visit our identity theft protection division, Secure Identity Systems, for more information.


First Payment Services Increases recurring non-interest income for your Institution by offering gift & loyalty card solutions for your commercial customers.
These programs will:
·        Increase foot traffic to your merchants
·        Increase sales ticket averages
·        Assist with brand recognition
First Payment Services makes it easy for merchants to get started with a gift card program by providing merchants with free gift card set up, and the first 100 cards at no cost.


At First Payment Services, we believe that training is as equally important as our spectacular product features. With this in mind, we have both onsite and web-based training to cover topics such as industry overviews and the competitive landscape to pricing and products.

Training with FPS will empower your merchants to make informed decisions. At the end of the day you can have the best products in the world and if the world doesn’t know and understand it doesn’t count for much, which is why we place the emphasis we do on training.

To get a better idea of what we deliver, contact one of our representatives to receive a free copy of one of our sample training documents.


Within the next few years, 68% of all transactions will be completed using a mobile phone or tablet. Are your prepared to meet that need for your customers?

First Payment Services offers your customers the ability to process mobile payments, using their smart phone or tablet device as a stand-alone Point of Sale system. This offers your customers greater flexibility and reduces the costs and hassles of traditional POS systems. We provide the latest EMV reader technology and even offer free readers and iPads to your customers.

First Payment Services also offers a gateway option for your online processing needs.

Staying on the cutting edge of processing technology for you customers creates greater assurance and security. Offering them free services and the best in customer support keeps them loyal and makes them ambassadors for your institution.


On-site Support

First Payment Services is one of the only companies in our industry to offer on-site support. This means that we actually send an FPS employee to all of your branches as needed for months or even years depending on your specific situation. Personally training your employees on the program and performing joint sales calls/seminars with your customers dramatically increases the success of your program.

Remote Support

If your institution opts for remote support, we commit to a far higher level of support for your programs than the typical processing company that sells you a program and never sees you again. At FPS, we know that if you succeed, we succeed. We understand that a good relationship with a partner builds mutual success. We offer live, person-to-person support, right here in the United States. Trust us to address the needs of your customers with professionalism, care and enthusiasm.


Your customers are concerned about the security of their credit card numbers and personal information. After a number of high-profile thefts of credit card numbers, consumers have developed a non-negotiable expectation of privacy. When these breaches occur, merchants suffer more than just financial penalties and sanctions. Breaches damage merchants’ reputations and cost them business. In fact, some merchants have to shut their doors forever.

Don’t let this happen to you!

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, and Discover all require merchants that accept credit cards to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). There are no exceptions. Fulfilling these requirements will let your customers know that you, the merchant, are protecting them.

As a member of the First Payment Services family, you will have access to patented* solutions, covering both the purpose and intent of regulation requirements. We will register you as a merchant eligible to use the program, and you will receive a notice with your login information. When you login, the program then guides you through a series of questions to help you identify areas of your business that are compliant and those that need remediation. Once you know which areas need improvement, the program assists you to achieve PCI compliance by clearly defined tasks and written guidance.

The entire program uses plain language with definitions and explanations along the way. And you are just one click away from assistance whenever you need it. At the end, you will receive a certificate that you can display to let customers know that they can trust you to take their identity security seriously.

 *U.S. Patents #20100011205, #20110271093 and #20130212697, #7870599 and #8566608