Financial Institutions

As your customers' financial institution options expand and technogical systems change you need a competitive edge.

You need First Payment Services.

We help financial institutions generate additional income, retain and acquire new customers and create differentiation in the marketplace.

We understand the demands facing financial institutions today:

We meet these new demands and ensure your institution is always top of mind with your customers.

At First Payment Services, we see these demands as opportunities. Opportunities for growth, customer sustainability and income generation.

FPS provides substantial residual income.
We are a privately held company with a national footprint.  Because of this and the resources of multiple processors, we are able to provide a substantial income guarantee.

FPS creates a competitive, differential advantage that solidifies existing relationships and creates new ones.

FPS empowers you to offer transforming technologies and effective compliance solutions.

FPS offer tools that saves time, money, resources and reputation

At First Payment Services, we offer REAL product differentiation:

  • Free iPads and EMV Compliant Equipment
  • Free Gift Cards
  • The Virtual Mall
  • Guaranteed Lower Processing Rates
  • No Long Term Merchant Contract
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Private Labeling Available
  • Powerful Marketing Campaign Support
  • Clear and Easy to Read Statements

You can rest assured that First Payment Services is behind you every step of the way.

We believe it is possible to offer a greater level of personalization and service than has ever been seen in the banking industry before. The ability to out-serve other banks is crucial in the current competitive markets ensures that First Payment Services continues acquiring and retaining customers.

Bryan Ansley, CEO

First Payment Services